When you need help, “Selling More In Less Time” … we should chat.
Some of the ways I help companies are:

• Evaluating sales & marketing processes
• Maximizing value of your products/services
• Sales staff evaluation
• Sales/objection handling script evaluation/creation
• Sales staff hiring & training
• Sales Leadership coaching & accountability

I am available for select opportunities (see FAQ’s for details).


Joel2x2Before retiring, I served as a member of Jack Daly’s (JackDaly.net) Sales Leadership Coaching Team. I helped business owners and executives implement the Jack Daly systems and processes to grow productive sales teams in quantity and quality.

I have been a successful salesman, business owner and consultant to businesses for over 30 years. I understand business, sales and marketing from the ground up, across a broad range of industries.

I have started businesses as diverse as an advertising publication and a company that funded personal injury victims. I have gone door to door selling advertising to local merchants and have sold 14 million dollars of technology products in a single year. I’ve been the Director of Admissions & College Relations of a 1,200 student, for profit college and I was responsible for hiring 20+ sales people for a startup computer company.

I was licensed as a Facilitator for the “Get Clients NOW!” 28-day marketing program for Professionals, Consultants and Coaches, in 2004. This program is based on the bestselling book, “Get Clients NOW!”, published by the American Management Assn.

In 2008 I published my book, “Why Should I Buy From You”. In 2012 I created the ProfitMAX Business System. These and more of my offerings are on my Services page.

I serve as a Sales/Marketing advisor to multiple companies as a member of the Seminole Advisory Board Council of the Economic Development Center at Seminole State College.