1. I thought you were retired?

Yes, I am retired. But after retiring I was a little bored and wanted to share my knowledge and experience to benefit more companies.  So, I decided to engage with a very few companies.

Being retired, I have the luxury to chose the companies and individuals I work with. The companies and individuals must want to increase sales, be coachable, of high integrity and have a quality product/service. The benefit of my selectivity is that I will only engage with a company or individual that I can increase sales and profits for.

2. What do you do?

I help businesses and salespeople “Sell More In Less Time”. Until we discuss your specific situation, I will not know if and how I can help you. Please contact me for a complementary chat.

3. Who do you work with?

I normally work with businesses with gross revenues up to 2-3 million and with individual sales professionals. Their offerings can either be products or services.

4. What does ‘coach’ mean?

As your ‘coach’ I will work with you, both on strategy and tactics to increase sales and profits. I will use my expertise across a broad range of companies and industries to bring ideas and value to your sales and marketing efforts. When a specific tactic has been decided on, I will work with you and your team to design/implement the tactic. As a ‘coach’ I won’t be designing your website or creating content for you, for example.

5. Why should I work with you?

You’ve read my bio on the home page. You can expect complete honesty from me. I won’t consider an engagement unless, based on my knowledge and experience, I know I can help increase your sales and profits. My fees are less than they should be and I’m a nice person.

6. How do I get started working with you?

Use the link on the right side or the ‘Contact’ link on the menu at the top of the page, to contact me to schedule a time to chat.

7. Why don’t you have your phone number on the ‘Contact’ page?

Consider it a qualification process. Being retired I only work with a select few companies and sales professionals. I also want to limit the number of calls I receive, from non-potential clients.

FYI, my phone number is on almost all the documents on the ‘Resources’ page. I recognize those that show the initiative to contact me.